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 woman holding a teacher of the year banner I am a veteran teacher of fourteen years. My passion for education began as a little girl. Growing up in a small town with limited options for extracurricular activities, my parents invested in making reading fun and highly important. They continuously exposed me to book clubs, summer reading programs, and the fondest of all, was the summer bookmobile that came through the neighborhood. Those were some of the foundational factors that influenced my decision of becoming a teacher. I had many teachers along the way that impacted me in a positive way. I knew to be a teacher was what I desired, however, the path to becoming a teacher did not go the normal route. The path included becoming a cosmetologist and then supervisor for Carters Mill, both were beneficial life experiences, yet they did not bring the satisfaction that I desired or the impact I wanted to make in the lives of people at the end of the day. In 2000, I decided it was time to get back on track to following my life calling, and it happened. I became a teacher of 3-year olds for Childcare Network, and then in 2003, I became a Pre-K Lead Teacher for the same company for seven years. I found teaching Pre-K to be very rewarding, but I desire to teach reading to older children. One of my greater accomplishments was graduating from Mercer University in 2012 and then joining the Griffin Spalding County School system as a second-grade teacher at Moreland Road. I was able to learn and work alongside some of the best teachers. Due to classroom downsizing, I was displaced after the first year at Moreland Road. It opened the door that lead to me being here at Jackson Road Elementary where I continue to carry out my passion and love for the education of young children today.

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